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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    On nations and cultures

    Stardate Unknown

    I have nothing against Quebec, or french speaking folks. As a matter of fact, my favorite hockey team has been the Habs since I was old enough to know what a puck was. I have taken french for numerous years in school, and had the joy of visiting Montreal and seeing both the Exposition grounds as well as the old Forum.

    All of this talk about Quebec being a nation is somewhat tiring however. The motives I believe, of Duceppe and his merry band of separatists, is to get Canada used to calling Quebec a Nation so that it becomes comfortable, and soon, they can separate without anyone knowing the difference. What is crazy about this, is that they have a distinct culture, but unless they actually leave Canada, they can NEVER be called the "nation of Quebec". It is laughable to me that our Ministers waste so much of our tax money and time debating such nonsense in the House, nonsense I believe is purely political in nature.

    Why is Alberta not a "nation" since it is the redneck cowboy capital of Canada? We could suggest that Nelson BC should be a nation, since they have a unique culture of people living there.

    The fact is, Canada is a Nation. Quebec, like the rest of us, is only a part of the whole. The people in Quebec form a unique culture, as do the people in Nelson, or Alberta. However, they are NOT a nation in my books.

    Is California a nation? Didn't think so. How about we get back to debating Health Care, and the Wait times guarantee? Oh right... it's not as important as Tory tax cuts for the next election...

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