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    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    The Internet should be FREE

    Stardate copyrighted

    Viacom is suing Youtube over video clips from their networks... What else is new? The thing is that one day, all of these big greedy corporations will realise that the internet is the most useful tool EVER for sharing ideas and data (including retarded MTV videos) and that they will never win the battle to stop it. I mean really... if people are cashing in on the latest 1:07 Beavis and Butthead clip somehow, and these big corporations are actually losing money over it, then I want to know how to make money from it myself!!! Seriously.

    The entire battle over copyright infringement has taken new turns of late. I have seen links to music videos on Youtube that bands themselves have posted on their own site, but the video has been removed from Youtube because of said infringements... Um, okay. I have seen the most popular Guitar Pro tablature site STOP sharing music scores written by the site's members (based from their interpretations of a band's music) or even as posted on various band's sites because of said infringements...

    So if the band says it is okay to have their music video up for free (on their site AND Youtube), then who freaking cares? I can understand if Pay per View events are being uploaded to torrent sites almost as they happen because of the nature of the subscriptions, but really... the only thing that sharing video clips on Youtube does is save me the time of taping them myself!

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