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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    RIP Gary Gygax

    Stardate 9064.32

    Whether it was our first adventure, where we left the happy and safe confines of the Keep on the Borderlands to venture into the unknown dangers of the Caves of Chaos, or perhaps the epic scale journeys as we assaulted the Frost Giant Jarl or even passing through the lairs of the Kuo-Toans on our way to find the source of Drow Power deep in the Depths of the Earth... Or maybe the quiet locale of Hommlet, or perhaps the deadly Barrier Peaks... our senses were constantly alive as the adventures unfolded before us... His adventures. Made manifest by our own imaginations and characters...

    Indeed, it is a sad day as the creator of Dungeons and Dragons and the World of Greyhawk, Gary Gygax, has passed on to Valhalla or wherever his patron deity will take him...

    Peace be with you on your greatest journey.

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