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    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Peace and Cooperation Beneath the US

    As corrupt and inefficient as some may say, the United Nations is still a pretty great idea in my books. It is unique in the fact that most countries on our puny planet are involved with it, and it affords the opportunity for *real* talks of peace and problem solving. The UN avoids conflict where possible, and definately never initiates such activity. They take on the role of Peacekeepers and Healers, and for th emost part, do a decent job.

    It is no wonder the US wants no part of them. One of the (if not THE) most aggressive nations of the new millenium, the US has delayed their vote on a new representative to the UN.

    One John Bolton.

    As always, politics gets in the way of good sense. The Republicans want to push this guy through (I am sure only to placate Herr Fuhrer Bush) but fresh allegations of his treatment of subordinates in the past have caused some serious delays in the voting. Not only the Democrats (of course) but several Republicans seem to have rather huge reservations against his nomination.

    Bolton is a harsh critic of the United Nations bureaucracy and was a provocative choice to be the administration’s representative to the world body. That was enough to generate some Democratic opposition, and his troubles were compounded by allegations about his temperament and his ways of dealing with subordinates.

    This has been shown in allegations against him regarding his influencing intelligence conclusions and hsi treatment of juniors in various postings over the past. This very personal account is from a US Aid worker back in the mid-nineties... Just goes to show how an unbalanced guy like this can only be bad news for a multi-national forum geared towards Peace.

    I think this is only the least of our concerns regarding his nomination. One as outspoken and critical of the UN as himself will not be put there to fix the internal problems of the UN in my opinion, but rather to cause further dissent amongst the other members. It just goes to show that by nominating a man such as Mr. Bolton, the US Admin really does want to go it alone. That way, they can continue their aggressions unabated.

    Scary if you ask me.

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