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    Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Stronach Defects to the Liberals...

    Stardate 3957.6


    CTV News - Well after what may have been a run-in with Stephen Harper, Belinda Stronach has left the Conservative party and joined forces with Paul martin's Liberals as the new Human Resources Minister... This is just days ahead of a vote that could topple the Liberal minority government.

    I think it is a great move myself, and though the Liberals are caught up in a mire right now, I could never have voted for Harper and his Missile Defence policies. I hope her arrival can help the situation at any rate.

    She has stated several reasons for her defection...

    "I do not believe it is right to line up with the Bloc Quebecois, who have a separatist agenda, to bring down the government to force an election," she said.

    "I don't believe that's in our national interests and it compromises national unity."

    I say good on her. I like the multi-cultural background of our country, and feel Quebec is as much a part of it as any province, so for me, the Bloc has always been a sore spot. Equality is one thing, but always pushing for more is not fair.

    Bad Guy...

    Apparently, the big turning point was a private meeting with Stephen Harper over some comments she had made in an interview. He suggested she would no longer appear in ads for the Party and the meeting erupted into shouting, and Harper's threats that she would never lead the Conservatives. No wonder she left. Harper is just a George W. Lapboy anyways :D

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