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    Friday, July 08, 2005

    Explosive Investigation...

    Stardate 4212.6

    Seems the investigation into the terrible bombings that occured in London yesterday is in full swing. Naturally, the first thing everyone has suggested is that this "has all the trademarks of an Al Qaeda" attack... Naturally, there is no *real* proof of that yet. Don't the Irish have a history of blowing up cars and such in England? I mean, there are many other groups as well, with a vested interest in this sort of thing.

    At any rate, I do hope they find the culprits. This sort of terrorism is beyond any form of sanity, and though the reasons are up in the air, the action must go punished. Of course, invading countries is likely not the best way of doing this, though the Afghanistan conflict after 9-11 had some mixed results. I just really hate seeing Bush standing behind Tony Blair in all those pictures. Having a man I don't trust lending his support to another Super Power leader is sketchy at best.

    I also noticed they already have a nice little name for the bombings for the media, just like 9-11... Now it is the 7/7 Bombings... Remember that. 7/7. Doesn't quite have the same ring, but I guess it will still be catchy enough to sell... silly media. Actually, someone said these are something like the 115, 116, 117 and 118th bombings in London since 1970...

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