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    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    Deterrance vs. Avoidance

    Stardate 4452.8

    "We will win" the war on terrorism. By staying in Iraq, as long as it takes, and taking the war to the terrorists. Well, your in the wrong country to begin with George. All you have done is create a bunch of "terrorists" by occupying their country. All you are doing by staying there, is providing targets for the bad guys over there, instead of at home. In fact, why not let the "terrorists" blow the crap out of someone else's country! That's what you are doing. Great job.

    Deterrance is bad news. It never works. Deterrance creates more tension than it solves, and the odds of mistakes happening increase every day. Look at how bad the nuclear arms race was (and is becoming again) thanks to deterrance. How many times were we on the brink of holocaust? One itchy finger, or perhaps a technical glitch and, boom.

    Now the troops and occupation is a deterrance. This stops terrorists from attacking US soil. However, if the troops are gone, do they seriously think that the Iraqi resistance is going to jump on rafts, paddle across the ocean and "take the war to the US"? I think not. The bad news is the more troops that are sent to Iraq, and the Middle East, the more troops will die. The problem is not being solved but compounded.

    Maybe they should hang their heads in shame... and pull out now. Why not? They screwed up from the start. They invaded with false pretense, occupied a country to stabilize and restore it's economy and security and failed, and had no plan set to leave the country in any number of situations. They lost, and they are continuing to lose. Every "terrorist" killed will only create two more.

    But then they never think about WHY these people want to blow them up. Do they care? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes I really think they don't. How to avoid it? That is a very tough thought now. Maybe it's too late, but they can most certainly avoid inflaming the situation. Stay out of Iran. Back off greedy Oil interests and above all, STOP forcing Western ideology and religion on people around the world. Fact is, some people don't want to live like Americans.

    *** UPDATED ***

    Wow, I just found this excellent piece by an Intelligence expert...

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