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    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    Dingwall Resigns Over Expense Probe

    Stardate 4623.8

    CTV - David Dingwall, a former Liberal cabinet minister and the president of the Royal Canadian Mint has resigned following the release of documents showing that he and his top aides charged up expenses of over $740,000 last year alone.

    The documents show that he and his aides spent $130,000 on travel, $14,000 on meals and $11,000 on hospitality. Apparently, Dingwall charged $1,400 worth of golf club fees and other Society membership dues to the Mint.

    According to CTV's Rosemary Thompson, "he was not only charging for expenses like travel, he was also charging for things like chewing gum, water and newspapers..." He maintains that all of his expenses are key to his position as president of the Mint.

    Since he was appointed, the Mint went from recording losses to profits for 22 straight months now. So he was doing a good job apparently, but his salary of over $200,000 a year wasn't enough to cover everyday things I guess. Of the massive expenses, much of it seems to be legit, but in one case, an aide, Gloria McArter, charged up $5,300 for one meal!

    Now maybe I simply don't understand the upper class fuddle-duddle but for $5,300 she had better have fed several hundred people! When people like this start charging up meals like that, and their gum, water and newspapers, the next thing will be cigarettes, school fees and the rest of the stuff that normal folks like you and me pay for every day! And my salary is no where near $200,000 a year. In fact, i wouldn't dream of charging my measly $40 slo-pitch ball dues to my company, so how does he figure the Mint should pay his Golf Club fees?

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