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    Monday, September 26, 2005

    "Silent Majority" Pro-War rally in Washington a flop

    Stardate 4613.3

    I was reading Tom Harper's "Who Hijacked Our Country" this morning, and he had written the answers to something I was wondering about all weekend. As we know, Saturday was a day of massive demonstrations againt the War in Iraq, with what coul dbe up to 200,000 people marching peacefully on Washington DC. Now the consensus amongst a lot of Republicans and Conservatives is that the War is actually a good thing, and the number of people who support the US invasion greatly outnumber he number against it. Common messages include "Cindy Sheehan is a terrorist" and "anti-war activists are traitors"... and so on. Well it seems that the "Silent Majority" as they are eloquently titled, wasn't going ot be shown up by the anti-war demonstrations, so on Sunday, they organised their own pro-war rally. I often wondered about the education level of some, but it would seem that the "Silent Majority" was outnumbered approximately 200,000 to 400 or 500 to 1!

    Tom also points out that among the rally's organizers, many of the websites don't even sport links to Army enlistment information. They are simply marketing tools to sell "slogans, tshirts and bumper stickers"... Now I am not one to suggest that pro-war folks should run out and enlist, but the fact is, at a pro-war event, you would think the army recruiters would be represented in full force. Both on the sponsor's sites, and their own.

    So for now, it would seem that the "Silent Majority" has indeed spoken. And they remain silent. With silence like that, I wonder how Bush ever won the election...

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