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    Monday, September 19, 2005

    North Korea Nuke Shocker

    Stardate 4577.8

    I have written on this matter several times in the past. The thought of nukes in nearly anyone's hands is a terrifying prospect, especially when some of the biggest voices against small nations developing these weapons have the most massive stockpiles of these brutal weapons.

    It would seem that North Korea has decided to halt all of their projects however. In a stunning move, they agreed to give up all of their nuclear programs and rejoin the Non-Proliferation Treaty... In return, they will receive energy aid and security guarantees.

    The six-party talks started in August 2003, and have met with many a stumbling block, raising tensions and fears around the world... this breakthrough, however, is the brightest the light has been so far. The biggest fear for North Korea is that the US has nukes on the Korean Peninsula and wants to invade the North. Part of this agreement, that will see the halt of all programs and the admittance of IAEA inspectors, is a pledge that the US will respect North Korea's sovereignty and vice versa...

    The biggest problem so far is that there is no definitive timeline as to when the inspectors will be allowed inside, and there is no knowledge of any weapons they may have developed already.

    I believe that now, more than ever, these sort of talks between many nations are key to help stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. With the current conflicts in the middle east, and other areas of the world, smaller nations have to be able to feel secure in their borders, or fear attack from bigger countries... This has happened a lot lately, and it is no wonder they want to develop some form of deterrent.

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