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    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Time For Harper To Go?

    Stardate 4552.7

    Ottawa - A tiny band of Quebec Conservatives issued a call for their leader's head Tuesday, saying Stephen Harper should resign because he's doomed to lose the next election.

    Senior party officials dismissed the move as an insignificant push by only four Quebecers and said their leader will stay on to fight the Liberals.

    However, after his fairly recent photo op in Alberta where he was sporting his new, ill-fitting, backwards hat cowboy garb, I think there may be more than just a few who want him to step down.

    What boggles me, is that for a guy who's party leadership is in question, and reasonably, has but a slight chance of winning a Federal election, he seems to be pushing for a Federal election as soon as possible. The Liberal minority government is saying they will have one after the Gomery report is out early next year, but apparently Harper, in another political blunder, has decided that the inquiry is not important. I thought that his thoughts were that it is supposed to implicate the Liberal party and strengthen the Conservatives... but he must now think it will not finger the Liberals at all, rather get the individuals responsible. Why else woul dhe not wait for it?

    An election now... when your party is behind, and your leadership is continuously being questioned from outside and in, to me, sounds about like calling your career quits...

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