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    Friday, September 09, 2005

    So, Gonna Watch Some Hockey This Year?

    Stardate 4527.7

    Now that the NHL is revitalized with a new logo, salary agreement, and some fresh rule changes, they are trying their best to get all of the fans back into the game that left after the lockout and all that rubbish began. I think the salary agreement will be good to have teams more competitive, but then I still see a few teams stacking up like mad. Well, look at Pittsburgh :D I really don't like many of the new rule changes, like the location a goalie is allowed or not allowed to cover the puck. Sometimes, he could get a delay of game penalty. Sadly, this opens up an entire can of worms with one guy makign a judgement call from a bad angle say... I do like the removal of the red line for two-line passes. This should really open up the long game, and help offence out, though there will likely be a ton of off-sides... and all tie games are goning to have shootouts.. Pretty cool. No more playing for one point and trapping for a four on four OT...

    So now the question (in the current poll) is this... Are you going to get back into hockey, or continue to watch? Have you turned your back in disgust on the League like some folks I know? Or will you break and watch every saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada? I don't have cable, but I know I will watch the odd game when I can. I have been a Montreal fan since I was a wee lad, so it takes more than a bunch of money-beggars to make me totally forget about the game.

    Go vote in the poll...

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