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    Monday, September 12, 2005

    "Impeach Bush" Most Searched on Technorati...

    Stardate 4542.5

    "Impeach Bush" is now the most searched term on Technorati. Interesting.

    As it turns out, and reported on the Impeach Bush Coalition, a certain columnist for the Orlando Sentinal feels his livelihood and importance is somewhat threatened by bloggers, who tend to write sensible, witty and intelligent things for free as opposed to being paid like him... (I hate to actually link to his column to give him the attention he so craves)...

    Mike Thomas is fed up with the amount of blogs out there raving about impeaching the President. Guess what Mike, you are 100% correct.

    "The future is The Blog."

    Acoustic Dad has posted an in depth description of the Impeachment process as well as some valuable info on other aspects of the Bush Administration and wheels that are already in motion regarding their impeachment...


    After further reading and thought, I wrote an e-mail to Mike Thomas regarding his column...

    "Hi! I had a good laugh reading your article this morning on bloggers. The fact that you are in a position to make a difference and perhaps take on some of the big issues facing the world today is really cool, yet you squander the chance away by picking on small-time individuals who are merely adding their two cents to an already confused world. I think the least you could do is perhaps add to the discussion that so many people are already discussing. Yes, it is true, the term “Impeach Bush” rocketed to number one on Technorati’s search engine in a mere 2 days after the Impeach Bush Coalition was formed.

    I also find it funny that someone with such a narrow spectrum of readers (realistically limited by geography as no-one else in the world would ever read your Orlando paper) could even possibly say something like you did when many popular bloggers have worldwide readership. Not only that, but your column in it’s online incarnation is exactly the same as any other blog in my opinion.

    I am very happy that you have a great job writing. But frankly, your opinion is no better nor is it more important than anyone else’s."

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