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    Friday, September 30, 2005

    Pump Price Watchdogs and Alternatives...

    Stardate 4632.8

    CBC - Ottawa wants to create a new agency to watch gas prices at the pump and increase the use of alternate sources of energy.

    This idea, proposed by Industry Minister David Emerson, will go to cabinet next week. This could increase the ability of the federal competition watchdogs to monitor prices and create some relief for low income families in the area of heating costs.

    This proposal coincides with the release of Hugh Mackenzie's report yesterday.

    Could be a good idea as far as I can see, though in the long run, it may cost much more than it is worth to actually put this into operation. Regulation may be a far simpler solution. Gas prices are already regulated on Prince Edward Island.

    Alternate sources of energy and perks for using them are possibly the best solution I can see however. Perhaps the Federal government could give incentives to people towards purchasing Smart cars which are much more environmentally friendly in both use and production. I have only seen a handful of these in Alberta, but to me, it makes sense to drive one. They appear to cost about $15,000 US so some form of grant or help would possibly make many more people interested in them. Not only do they use minimal fuel, but the much smaller size helps with traffic congestion, especially in large cities where the shear volume of traffic and polution is huge.

    There is always the age-old car pool as well. Public transit, pools, they can all help ease the consumption and use of fuel.

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