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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Speeding: Maximum Doesn't Mean Minimum

    Stardate 4869.6

    People speed. All of the time. Is it safe? Maybe most of the time, but really, are you willing to gamble your life and others' lives on a "most of the time" bet?

    I wonder why people see this...

    When this is in fact what is posted.

    Maybe I'm barking up a deaf tree, but I find that driving on highways in Alberta is getting worse and worse every month. With winter threatening to slap us in the face, I wonder if people will actually slow down or not? The limit (that means you cannot go higher) on Highway 2 is 110. It may be slow and could easily be raised to 120, but it IS 110. Now I drive at an average somewhere between 115 and 125. I know... I am as guilty as the rest, but it is not fast enough for the flow of traffic! People get mad because I am not speeding enough for them! So they blow by, doing 140 or 150 or higher.

    Nobody has the right to make me speed. I want photo radar everywhere. I want licenses suspended. I want cars towed. There is no other way to control it except to impound vehicles and take away licenses. Increased fines seem to mean nothing...

    Let me give those "busy" guys in the morning a tip... Gotta speed and tailgate and be an arsehole every morning to get to work? LEAVE EARLIER.

    So for the love of Bob... Slow the hell down!

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