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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    The Djinn; History, Binding and more...

    Stardate 4973.6

    Recently, I noticed I had a hit from a google search that really raised my eyebrows... The search was (word for word) "step by step guide to enslave a jinn". Not wanting to disappoint, I decided I would do some searching around and see just what is involved with the Djinn and their history... So let's get at it!

    A Brief History of Djinn...

    Djinn are powerful magical beings of Arabian descent. These creatures live in all area of the Arabia and in a similar way to Faeries of European legend, they are soul-less creatures that once were spirits of nature, created from smoke and fire. Throughout history, the Djinn took mortals as slaves, teachers, lovers and even food. By the time of Solomon, Djinn were very well known, and he had bound at least 70 of them to his service through the use of a special ring (or Talisman).

    With the rise of Muhammed and the spread of Islam, the Djinn began losing power and lands. A great Council of Choice was held to determine a way to stop the Djinn from leaving the lands of the mortals forever. After much debate, it was decided that the Djinn and their followers must either side with the Islamic peoples, or fight them. Half sided with Muhammed and the rest did not. Once the choices were made, the Djinn were split between good and evil, and they were given the responsibility of a soul...

    The Nature of Djinn

    After the Choice, Djinn all received souls. They had to choose between being Muslim or Diabolical. They all possess uncanny powers of course, as evidenced by the desire of so many to put these creatures into servitude. Most Djinn can change their appearance to that of an animal and in fact retain some of the animal's characteristics, such as horns, tail or fur. Many Djinn have the ability to fly and most can create powerful illusions... The strictest forms of Islam eye the Djinn with great suspicion due to their magical nature. Naturally, Christians view Djinn as evil or minions of Satan and this can be used as a tool by truly evil Djinn to create enemies for the good Djinn.

    Djinn live for a very long time, and increase in power as they age. They begin to master natural magical abilities, such as enchanting objects, prophecy and control over the weather and elements. Many younger Djinn fear that as the centuries pass, they will lose power and eventually become as mundane mortals.

    The Djinn and Mortals

    Obviously, the Djinn are far more powerful than mortals. At one time, they were worshipped as gods, however, they tend now to treat humans with the same respect and hospitality that they wish to receive. They are very careful about allowing Men to know their true nature, as mortals can bind them to servitude through the use of objects designed for this purpose. Sometimes, humans and a Djinni mate, either through choice or capture, and the offspring will possess some of the traits common to the Djinn.

    Binding a Djinni

    Men knowledgeable in the nature of the Djinn, and with the ability to know them are called Sahir. They would use Djinn either as slaves, or for knowledge and the Djinn themselves will seek out these Sahir for their own use as well. In order for a Sahir to bind a particular Djinni, they must create a Talisman to bind the Djinni too. They must also know the true name of the Djinni and have a part of the creature to use in the creation of the aforementioned Talisman. The binding can last forever, though there is always one secret request that if asked, will release the Djinni from service and allow it to kill the person who asked it.

    Once the Talisman has been created, the Sahir must find or summon the particular Djinni and best it in some form of competition. The Djinni must accept this challenge, though both parties must agree on the nature of the contest. The length of servitude depends on how badly the Djinni is beaten in the contest... ranging from granting one request to many years of service.

    Once the binding is complete, the Sahir can either give the Djinni a place to stay inside the Talisman or he can user the Talisman to summon the Djinni. Of course keepign the Djinni in the Talisman is very dangerous, as it is bound to the Talisman, and not the owner of the device. Once bound, a Djinni will try to break the servitude by causing it's master to accept the same challenge that the Djinni originally lost. If the Djinni wins, it may never be bound by that Sahir again, and may in fact kill the Sahir, depending on how it was treated during it's servitude.

    Creating a Djinn Talisman

    In order for the Sahir or magi to create a Djinn Talisman, it must Know the Djinn (it's name) and possess a piece of it such as a strand of hair. Each tribe of Djinn also have a particular material that the Talisman must be made of. The Diabolical or evil Djinn tribes (Shaitan, Ifrit and Ghul) use Cat's Eye, Emerald, Ruby and Iron. The Islamic or good Djinn tribes (Jinn, Jann and the Marid who choose good) use Agate, Obsidian, Jade and Copper.

    Such Talismans can take many forms, but are best suited to the nature of the particular Djinni. Examples could be lamps, rings, bags, scabbards and other similar objects.

    The Summoning

    The Double Seal of Solomon

    The Pentagram of Solomon

    The Ceremonial Circle

    What follows is merely hints at the proper rituals for summoning Djinn or other spirits and beings. This is not complete, not accurate.

    The symbols used classically in summoning and binding these creatures include the Double Seal of Solomon or the Pentagram of Solomon amongst others. The ceremonial circle must be drawn towards that side to which the being who is to be called is attributed. The triangle into which Solomon summoned the rebellious demons must be made two feet outside this circle and three feet over it. The double seal and pentagram of Solomon must be drawn on a parchment of calf-skin, or otherwise on gold or silver, and should be worn upon the white vestment of the operator, together with the seal of the spirit, which must be exhibited on his appearance--to compel obedience and assumption of the human form. In addition to these characters, the secret seal of Solomon must be drawn with the blood of a black cock that has never engendered, on virgin parchment, the operator himself being clean within and without, having abstained from sexual intercourse for the space of one month and having obtained pardon for his sins by means of fasting and prayer. It is to be composed on a Tuesday or Saturday at midnight, with the Moon increasing in Virgo, and with burning of perfumes of aloes, resin, cedar and alum.

    When invoking, the perfume should be incense only. Take care also that you have fire whensoever you make invocation, and fumigate only in the name of the Spirit whom you would call. When placing perfume on the fire, say: I burn this N. in the name and to the honour of N. When invoking, see that you hold the invocation in the left hand, having the rod of elder 1 in your right, while the ladle and knife should be at your feet. These things being arranged, place yourself within the circle; if accompanied, your companions should hold each other by one hand. When within, trace the circle with the Knife of the Art, and take up the rods one after the other, saying the Fiftieth Psalm, namely, Miserere mei. The circle being composed, perfume and sprinkle the same with holy water. Then write the characters at the four corners; let the Spirit be forbidden in formal terms to enter, after which begin the invocations, which must be repeated seven successive times. When the Spirit shall have appeared, cause him to sign the character which you hold in your hands, promising to come always at your call. Ask for whatsoever you deem suitable, and you shall be satisfied. Dismiss him with these words: Go in peace unto your places, and peace be with you until you return at my call. In the name, &c. Amen.

    Obviously, all care must be taken and copious research must be made to ensure the correct name of the Djinni is obtained, and the proper materials are used in the creation of the Talisman. Not knowing the true nature of a Djinni could have catastrophic consequences...

    References include The Book of Ceremonial Magic and the Ars Magica Roleplaying System. These are in no way complete and should not be attempted. This post is completely written in jest, and may or may not contain fact, *real* ritual magic or anything otherwise... It is purely for entertainment purposes.

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