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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    We're not making it out of here alive, but neither's that thing...

    Stardate 4968.1
    The frigid winter has set in, but there is indeed hope on the horizon. The forecast doesn't even include the wind chill, but at least by week's end, it is looking warmer! Actually, I am beginning to think that the +2 degree Friday is some form if sick and depraved joke, offering light when there will only be darkness, salvation when only ruin will reign, and warmth when in fact the coldest is yet to come... Just happy the furnace was fixed, and it was relatively cheap to boot.

    Seriously, I think I have to watch my all-time favorite movie, John Carpenter's "The Thing" again. Even the sharp crunching of snow beneath my boots brings back memories of this incredible movie... Whenever I look outside now, I don't see an Albertan winterscape anymore... Suddenly, I have been thrust into the deep cold that is Antarctica...

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