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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Handgun Redux

    Stardate 5003.8

    The most difficult thing to do sometimes is agree when you have made an error. I have read a *lot* about handguns and the existing regulations in the last day or so, and after re-thinking my stance, I believe an outright ban is not the way to go. For a while, perhaps fear led me to believe so, but in the end, I realize several things that have made me alter my stance somewhat. I say somewhat because I believe the rest of the Liberal proposal is a good thing. It is sometimes difficult making choices like this, especially from a viewpoint where I do not own a handgun, have no desire to do so, and frankly cannot understand why others would want to. It is because of this that I had originally chosen my stance, even though I had suggested several times that a ban was probably not the best solution.

    First, any criminal elements will still possess illegal weapons regardless of legislation. Also, banning handguns will only serve to ultimately increase the number of illegal weapons as well as diminish the freedoms and rights of law-abiding and good members of ourt society, something I tend to stand up for and in this case was wrongly attempting to defeat. Wanting to own a handgun and following legislation (both existing and proposed) does not mean that possessing the weapon is a bad thing.

    That being said, I believe the best route to take is through enforcement and punishment. Banning aside, the Proposal does contain some very good ideas, including the new 250 officer unit from the RCMP to combat gun related crimes, and beefing up the Canadian Border Services with 75 new officers. Tougher sentencing as well as community awareness programs are all great ideas.

    So with some minor amendments, I would still support the new legislation, as long as an outright ban is not included.

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