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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Education: More important than just tax credits

    Stardate 5120.1

    My latest post on the CBC Roundtable deals with the Tory and Grit plans for higher education.

    I got to thinking about it a little. The Tories will only give you tax credits whereas the Liberals want to help PAY your tuition. So if the Tories win the election, poor people may not be able to put their kids into college.

    Of course, there is a work-around for this.

    Assuming you have a baby the first year the Tories are in power, you could take the $1200 a year for childcare you would get (before taxes) and save it up for the next 5 years. When all is said and done, and your child is 5, you will have $6000 saved (before taxes) which could either buy you a kick ass high definition television OR be put into savings to pay for your child's first year of college. Naturally, 13 years after you stop receiving the Child care money, tuitions will likely be far higher than they are now, where the $6000 (before taxes) would likely barely cover the costs. After the first year, you would be on your own again anyways.

    I would buy the television...

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