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    Friday, January 06, 2006

    I'm just a weird guy

    Stardate 5124.3

    I have never replied to a meme or Meme or whatever the heck they are. In fact, I tend to treat being "tagged" like your average chain letter. You know, the one's that say "666 cute kittens will die if you don't answer this and mail it to 10 of your closest friends...".

    However, this one is kind of interesting, mainly because of the fact that there are only 5 points to make, and also, the nature of this particular meme is to describe 5 weird things about myself.

    Skippy the Wonderdog tagged me, and in the immortal words of his wife, "You're not normal" is exactly the sort of thing my wife would say about me as well.
    1. I have a brutal habit of quoting movie lines in every day conversations... Actually using them to enhance my own witty dialogue. The weird thing is, most people don't have a clue what movies they are generally from. For example... I loved John Carpenter's "The Thing" and in fact use many lines from that movie every day. A classic is "It's gone MaCready!"
    2. I paint 28mm miniatures both as a hobby for gaming and display, and professionally, to sell to collectors or as commissions. This may not seem so strange, but I tend to talk to them as they slowly come to life, and in fact, I have what many experts call Figmentia. I have cooled down a lot, which I think is adirectly proportional result compared to the increase in my writing.
    3. I thoroughly enjoy going for evening runs with my cat. Actually, it really involves me chasing her down the hallway, then her chasing me down the hallway... This goes on until one or both of us eventually collapse in a heap on the floor, belly skyward, suggesting a willingness to concede defeat. I credit my cat with helping keep me oh so slim.
    4. I am primarily a metalhead (Judas Priest, Slayer, old Metallica etc.) when it comes to music, though I have a fairly diverse selection of other music. For example, and for some unfathomed reason, I thoroughly enjoy listening to almost every Alan Parsons Project CD at extremely high volumes.
    5. I have a statue of Cthulhu on the bookshelf in my office. It was actually sculpted by a friend of mine in the States, and he was kind enough to send me one in exchange for a review of the work he did.

    I could probably list off another 100 weird things, and I imagine my wife could as well... but I will let people's imaginations do the dirty work :)

    The most difficult thing about these meme things is finding someone else to tag! So here goes:

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    and Jeff at The Anthill

    May God have mercy on my soul.

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