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    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    Big Brother is watching you

    Stardate 5468.4

    As many of us know, Google is battling away with the US Justice Department to try to avoid handing out all sorts of search information from all of us that use Google on a daily basis. They have given some information over, both to the US and to China, but the fact is, I believe this is another incredibly intrusive policy set forth by the Bush administration.

    Many argue in cases like this, and the illegal wiretapping that is rampant in the US, that if you have nothing to hide, you should have no problems with this. That is exactly what the giant propoganda machine wants you to think. The fact is, it is intrusive. Whether I use Google simply to look up movies on IMDB or hockey scores or whether I search for bomb-making supplies or child pornography (neither of which I search for obviously) is still none of their damned business.

    What do you think? Check out the poll here, or on the sidebar...

    Should the US Justice department get on-line search records or is it a massive invasion of privacy?
    Yes. They must have it to fight er, terrorism or child pornography.
    No. This is intrusive. What I search and browse is my own business.
    Only people with something to hide should object.
    I don't know.

    So what's next? They already want to know what books you get from teh Library, and what music you listen to, and where you drive... So why not everything else? They could find out what toothpaste you buy from your credit card bills, or maybe whether your cat likes Whiskas or Iams...

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