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    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Firing the investigator to avoid investigation?

    Stardate 5438.7

    It would appear that PM H-Dog may face a motion of censure when the House of Commons resumes next month for his refusal to co-operate with the federal ethics commissioner. Buying David Emerson to have a Conservative presence in Vancouver is shaping up to be much more of a problem than it may have been worth.

    Naturally, as is always the instance with politics, the Conservatives label Bernard Shapiro as a Liberal partisan and thus, Harper is refusing to co-operate. I can only notch this up to arrogance. Shapiro may have been appointed by the Liberal government, but last time I checked, he is still the ethics commissioner.
    Harper says as prime minister he has the final word on cabinet postings and he doesn't want Shapiro, an unelected official, getting involved.
    This is starting to sound a lot like the BS King George in the US spews out about his Presidential authority, and how he can break laws if he thinks he should as was shown repeatedly with the illegal wiretapping fiasco. Sadly Mr. Harper, you are not above the law. I think H-Dog and Emerson will both pay in the end. Already, the bad publicity is starting to increase. Perhaps he can replace Shapiro but now, he should suck it up and co-operate.

    In a nutshell... they don't like the ethics commissioner so they'll replace him. Bullshit I say. You can't fire and replace someone simply because they are going to investigate you.

    Stand up for Accountability... oh wait. That was only a campaign slogan.

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