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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Iran threatens US, US threatens Iran

    Stardate 5428.3

    The latest news on this on-going pissing match is that Iran remains defiant and if the US refers the Iranians to the UN Security Council, they could feel "harm and pain" for their efforts...
    “The United States may have the power to cause harm and pain but it is also susceptible to harm and pain. So if the United States wishes to choose that path, let the ball roll,” it said in a statement obtained by Reuters on the sidelines of a U.N. nuclear watchdog board meeting in Vienna.
    Now what to do here? My poll received startlingly few votes, though I suspect that deep down inside, when you get the gung-ho "turn the middle east into a sheet of glass" folks, many of us are still confused.

    In the end, I have decided that we must take two courses to ensure they do not produce weapons. At first, I defended their right to have a nuclear power program, as any developing nation deserves to have. However, in light of the current situation mainly between the US and much of the Islamic world, this, in my opinion, is not the reason they are seeking such materials.

    The first thing the UN has to do is ensure that nobody gives them materials nor processes materials for them, unless (and this can logically be the only exception), they cease all opposition to the will of the international community and accept and abide by every term set forth by them. Now this is where my vote of internationaly agreed upon or cooperative force comes in. I am not talking about an invasion or occupation as we have seen fail so miserably in Iraq, but rather cordoning off their country so that it would be most difficult for materials needed for weapons to be brought in. In a sense, this is a militarized sanction. Economic sanctions would likely inflame and ill-will towards the west, possibly making the problem worse. The second thing the UN must do is be absolutely sure to act against any nation aiding them with supplies and materials that could be used in processing uranium or building weapons.

    Invasion would only make the resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan stronger, and would create even more instability in the area... after all, I want all US forces to withdraw from Iraq now!!! In fact, the way Afghanistan is going, they should get our own boys out of there too...

    The other solution would be to bomb certain installations in Iran ala Ronbo Reagan and Libya, though this would likely fail to do what is needed, and only inflame the rest of the Islamic community more. The difference in Libya I believe, was that they were alone.

    In any event, I think the only solution will be derived through international cooperation and NOT a US led force. Many folks have given up on the United Nations, but frankly, there is no other body that stands together on this planet like the UN. The games with Iran must stop. The best way is to stop playing them. Be sure they do not get the materials they need, and be prepared to act as a united planet against them if they do...

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