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    Friday, March 17, 2006

    Mum's the word for Harper's Cabinet

    Stardate 5473.8

    In an effort to help muzzle the cabinet he is so proud of, H-Dog has ordered his Ministers to say nothing to the press and public unless it has been approved by the PMO first...

    "CTV's David Akin said reporters "don't really have access" to cabinet ministers anymore.
    "The most famous example is probably early on in the Harper government," Akin told Canada AM Friday.
    Akin said International Trade Minister David Emerson, who caused controversy when he crossed the floor, last month kept reporters waiting for up to 25 minutes for a telephone press conference.
    "And then the operator came on and said he was caught in a traffic jam," Akin said.
    "It was a traffic jam between the second and third floor of the office where he works. That's one of the most odd examples of this new attitude of the PMO."
    I can understand the Honourable David Emerson being shut up in a locked tower... but is H-Dog embarrassed by some of his Ministers' responses to questions from the media or afraid they will mess up and spill the beans about some sort of sinister agenda not revealed in their campaign?

    He says it is to stay focused on the 5 key points of their campaign and to stop Ministers from discussing the direction of the party. However they are going as far as to remove the microphones from hallways outside cabinet meetings... the same microphones that have been there for decades.

    So what's next then? The people who the MPs represent will be unable to speak with their representatives? Well, at least not without approval from the PMO first...

    And freedom of speech takes another hit, this time from the other side of the fence.

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