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    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    From Space...

    Stardate Unknown

    The shuttle has undocked from the Space Station. I wonder what it feels like for them, up there, all alone, watching the shit hit the fan on Earth. What does it really look like? Scary I bet... this has escalated 100 fold since they left our beloved rock, and now they have to come home to it.

    I wonder what it looks like to hyper-advanced, pan-dimensional, inter-galactic beings that happen to be spying on us? Childish I bet. The ridiculous and petty squabbles of the insects inhabiting this insiginificant planet are really nothing more than childish fights. There are countless opinions on everything, reasons and rebuttals... but they all amount to a pile of crap when you really think about it. There is absolutely NO reason for any of the conflicts going on right now, apart from the fact that mankind isn't mature enough yet to put an end to it.

    When will mankind grow up and stop acting like greedy, spoiled idiots? I wish I was up there...

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