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    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Bush just doesn't get it...

    Stardate 6438.40

    Maybe life under Saddam wasn't all peaches and cream, but I would wager for your average Iraqi, it was a lot safer than trying to get to the market nowadays. Of course Flightsuit McChimpy is still going to stand up on a massive phallic podium, spouting out how something he did is of course, not responsible for a massive increase in terrorism in Iraq, and around the world.

    Did he think that when he declared war on "Terror" that it would simply dissapate and be gone? Of course not, since for the most part, the War on Terror is nothing more than a weak front for political and economical interests (mainly oil say) in the Middle East. Of course, many would be terrorists, and perhaps even the simply disgruntled amongst them would take this opportunity to actually start doing something... Why not? The biggest bully on the planet has openly declared war on an ideology! What better place than Iraq to let fly the brunt of terrorist attacks... Only now, the US administration may be beginning to realise they are losing this war (remember Vietnam?) and now this could be a sign that they are backing down... or maybe it's just more bullshit to let us all know what a damn fine job they are doing. I suspect it is an obvious latter choice here.

    I am starting to suspect however, that soon, the definition of terrorist will no longer include "insurgent" or "extremist" according to Bushco... I mean in reality, a terrorist is only a person who carries out an act of terror, not an act of war (say attacking an occupying force that has declared war on you). Lumping in almost any undesireables has greatly increased terrorism around the world. This will soon change, so that McChimpy can indeed prove there are less terrorists than there really are.

    Naturally, the last statement was a little fun on my part, but seriously, I firmly believe that the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq has done nothing to quell global terrorism, but has in fact, increased anti-American and anti-Western sentiment in many parts of the world, and frankly, when you cannot compete with someone like the US on level terms with nukes, aircraft carriers and Rockwell bombers, you have little choice left but to resort to Guerrilla tactics and terrorism.
    Bush and his administration of incompetent liars wanted a "War on Terror", and now they have one. They just don't want to admit it anymore.

    Check out the video on C&L.. Keith Olbermann really sets the record straight with regards to Terrorism, Clinton and more...

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