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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    I am confused, but then Bush does that often

    Stardate Unknown

    McChimpy recently released part of a NIE report outlining the cause and effects of the invasion and occupation of Iraq upon global terrorism.

    The chimpster maintains that the invasion has NOT increased the amount of terrorism in the world and that we are all much safer now, and if we don't believe him, we should not jump to conclusions and read the declassified bits ourselves.

    Well of course, like many others, I scanned the brief pdf document and I have to say, according to their findings, the invasion and occupation of Iraq HAS increased both the number and reach of terror groups globally. It says so in plain black and white letters (emphasis mine).
    In the bleak National Intelligence Estimate, the government's top analysts concluded Iraq has become a "cause celebre" for jihadists, who are growing in number and geographic reach. If the trend continues, the analysts found, the risks to the U.S. interests at home and abroad will grow.

    The only thing I can think of, besides the fact that whenever the President opens his mouth he screws everything up, is that the pro-Iraq war folks, and Republicans are using these findings as a reason to STAY in Iraq. Of course, this really doesn't say anything at all like what George maintains, that the invasion has made us safer, and lessened world terrorism. It only reaffirms what we already know.

    This is typical. Instead of acknowledging the truth, it is twisted and used in a way that it was not meant to be used. Some people call it context. I agree with that to a certain extent, but now they are comparing apples and oranges, where the report details what an apple looks like, tastes like, and mashed up like... but they are using the report to tell us how an orange doesn't taste, or look like, or mash up like.

    All I have to say is that if the proof is against these people, and they try to bastardize in order to justify their actions and continued aggressions, God help us all. It wouldn't be the first time, and most definately, not the last.

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