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    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Kick Butt Villains Volume I

    I shall now embark on a periodical listing of villains that I thought were cool. They appear in no particular order, just what I feel like posting...

    My first villain is none other than Apollo, played by Michael Forest, from the Original Star Trek episode "Who Mourns For Adonais".

    Apollo can shoot lightning at people from his fingertips...

    This guy was pretty tough. He had some very cool innate abilities, including the power to fire lightning at people, create massive storms, grow to a huge size, and reach directly into space with a huge green energy hand from far away... The premise of his being was that he was the last of the Olympian Gods, and now he had a new "community" of people to worship him, namely the crew of the Enterprise.

    When aroused, Apollo can swell to monstrous proportions...

    He immediately fell in love with Lt. Carolyn Palamas, who happened to be Scotty's woman... Throughout the show, Scotty kept trying to attack Apollo physically, only to be hit with a bolt of lightning... The woman of course, began feeling affection for the Olympian God, and it was only the fact of Kirk's amazing charisma that caused her to spurn his advances, thus enraging the God and allowing Spock to blast his power source and stop his tyranical hold on the crew. Apollo succumbs to defeat and spreads himself throughout the Universe to spend the rest of his lonely existence with the other Gods...

    Coming up next time...

    Captain Cold

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