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    Friday, May 06, 2005

    CSI: Shedding the Light on Crime

    Stardate 3897.7

    A solitary beam of light cut through the darkened stillness of the old house. Just an hour earlier, violence of the most heinous kind had taken place in this very room. Apart from a blood stain hardly visible on the dark wood floor underneath a barely warm corpse, there were no clues to be found. "The place is clean" the agent whispered softly...

    So every time I sit and watch any of the CSI shows with my wife, it strikes me as odd that whenever they are investigating a room, house, car, flat, or just about anything, that they never turn the lights on. There is one guy looking for clues in a darkened house wielding nothing more than a flashlight... or someone in a lab trying to find "DNA samples" on something and all they have is one small overhead lamp on an extendable arm...

    Come on! Turn on the lights! Shedding light on crime could actually be taken a little bit more literally in this case! Any good investigator knows that :D

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