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    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Redneck Rampage Crawford Style

    Stardate 4404.0

    CTV - CRAWFORD, Texas — Undaunted by counter rallies and even a neighbour's gunshot blasts into the air, a woman whose son died in Iraq said she will continue her anti-war demonstration near President George W. Bush's ranch for three more weeks.

    Her camp along the road to Bush's ranch now numbers more than a hundred, with countless others stopping in to lend support. Even Viggo Mortensen stayed to show his support and disdain for the war. It is amazing how many people are supporting her, and how other television "personalities" wanted to have their own anti-vigil and lasted for a whopping half an hour... Wow! I bet that showed those rascally protesters eh Mike?

    On Sunday, as about 60 in Sheehan's group held a religious service, Bush neighbour Larry Mattlage fired his shotgun twice into the air. Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents rushed to his house but did not arrest him.
    "I ain't threatening nobody, and I ain't pointing a gun at nobody,'' Mattlage said. "This is Texas.''
    Mattlage said he was initially sympathetic toward the demonstrators, but that they have blocked roads in the area and caused traffic problems.
    He said he fired his gun in preparation for the dove-hunting season, but when asked if he had another motive, he replied: "Figure it out for yourself.''

    You know what? This guy is an idiot. They are demonstrating peacefully, for peace, and he has to go blowing shots off like some sort of Quick Draw McGraw cowboy... This is extremely disrespectful, and I gotta say, for a guy who is in the spotlight, he sure didn't set up a good image of himself. Dove hunting? Some may say that is ironic, but I say it is simply moronic. Traffic problems? Gimme a break. Yeah it's Texas alright... So that makes it okay to be an asshole. I guess only Texans (and about half of Albertans) would think he "dint mean no harm"... Maybe he just wants to be on tv too.

    So what is the next step? Well, Cindy has invited George to a prayer vigil on Friday at noon, to pray for the troops. Since he has nothing "official" on his schedule he really ought to do the right thing and show up. Well, maybe he has more pesky brush to clear from his land...

    Remember, I think that obviously, this is no longer about the loss of her son. That is history. Now it is about accountability. Who cares who is backing her? The fact of the matter is that she has 10 times the balls of everyone else for actually standing up to this Administration and doing something about it. And remember, speaking out against a policy or something you don't agree with is just fine, unless you live in a Fascist regime...

    Don't forget about the poll on Cindy's vigil... It is more about opposing the war than anything else.

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