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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Dine Out, Resign... Get a Cool Half Million

    Stardate 4647.9

    CTV - I am flabbergasted. David Dingwall, the ex-CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint resigned his position early, in the midst of an investigation into questionable expense spending practices by himself and his aides, and the government is talking about a $500,000 severence package?
    Dingwall stepped down last week amid a storm of controversy over allegations of lavish spending, to the tune of $747,000 in expenses that he and his aides racked up in 2004. Add his salary to the mix, and the amount adds up to more than $1 million.

    Naturally, the Conservatives are all over this, but shouldn't more Canadians? If this is proven to be true, and the fact that he resigned early, what sort of message does it send to other people in executive positions? There is no mention in his contract of severence, especially since he resigned early.

    The important question can run much deeper though. I have always thought that executives like Dingwall, politicians and entertainers are constantly in the spot light. The normal masses wait diligently to jump on any screw up, big or small (just look at US politics) but why do these people make it so easy sometimes? You simply cannot suggest that they didn't know better. To me, if guilty, the message here is that the government rewards underhanded spending of our money with cash bonuses.

    Yes, it's our money. The taxpayers. We bought the gum, and we paid for him to sit in the Golf Country Club.

    *** UPDATED ***

    According to Revenue Minister John McCallum, he will only get the *minimum* severence required by law. And that severence will also be our tax payer's money :)

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