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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    The Evil Doll from Hell

    Stardate 4727.9

    Okay, it's not Chucky. But it could be :) and it isn't my doll yet...

    At any rate, we are hosting a small but fun Halloween bash in just over a week that is really sort of our son's birthday party. Now he and all his friends are in the 12 to 14 age group, so it isn't like they are little kids anymore. My wife is planning almost everything, but I wanted her to get a doll for me so that I could, erm, you know, do some nasty things to it for display purposes... perhaps some pins, gore, a lost eye... I was always partial to having the mouth sown shut.

    So she didn't want to even buy a dol from the second hand store for me, because she kept thinking about what I wanted to do to it. Now it is all for fun of course, so in the end she bought me a doll for something like $1. It is quite a nice doll, with lovely blue eyes and all that. So now, she doesn't want me to do anything to it, because it is so cute. Of course, I will anyways.

    It began with the idea of having a knife in it's forehead, but maybe that is too cliche. Perhaps sowing the lips shut, losing an eye, and then applying lots of gore woul dbe a way to go. Not sure yet. The head is really tough plastic, so it will be hard going no matter what...

    Damn, I'm feeling dark today :) Must be those evil heavy metal guys I'm seeing in two days influencing me with their backwards satanic lyrics...

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