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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Slaughterhouse Strikers Going Too Far

    Stardate 4718.0

    CBC - Pickets vow to keep workers from Alberta slaughterhouse

    Unions had their purposes way back when. Nowadays however, I feel more and more that Unions are far worse than good. Every year, the Canadian Auto Workers "randomly" pick which big producer they will take on. There is a strike... then next thing, costs go up again. Costs for everyone, not just the consumer.

    I worked in a production plant that was non-union, and our production was just as high as a union-plant or even higher. But we got paid a hell of a lot less. Now, workers at the Lakeside Packers plant in Brooks are striking. But it isn't just a peaceful picket line. Some of the strikers are risking jail time because they will not limit their picket activities as ordered by the courts.

    In fact, two plant managers were charged on the weekend following an incident where a union leader wsa injured. There are other reports of violence as well. The US based company that owns the plant is going to send in 1000 workers who are willing to cross the picket line, according to reports... and that should spark even more violence.

    My thoughts are that unions are inefficient. If I owned a company, there would be no unions. These people should be replaced with people that want jobs and are willing to work. I can understand the logic behind having a system where there is a lookout for the mistreatment of employees, but Unions are no longer the answer. There are plenty of modern day checks already in place, including provincial and federal regulations so Unions quickly become redundant. Where I work now, there is no Union. If we walked out, we would be fired and there would be a TON of people sparring for our positions.

    Strikers get no sympathy from me. NHL players, car makers or meat packers... go do your damned job. If it is that bad, work somewhere else.

    *** UPDATED ***

    To further this we can see how the Unions are getting out of control. Teachers in BC are on strike, and now the transit union in Victoria, which is totally unrelated to the Teacher's union, is walking off the job to support the teachers. It is bullshit and has to end. Nobody will ever walk off the job to support normal people out of work for legit reasons.

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