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    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Bush... Master of Words

    Stardate 4663.9

    CTV - In Bush's latest speech defending the war in Iraq, he mentions "we will never back down, never give in, and never accept anything less than complete victory." Hooray. More deaths to come for a very long time.

    It gets better though. As usual, his statements are as hypocritical as ever.

    He accused Islamic militants of seeking to "enslave whole nations and intimidate the world," saying they had made Iraq their main front.
    Interesting. It would seem that George has forgotten about his own crusade to change the millenia old customs and culture of the Middle East into some sort of Neo-America, with a pipeline running directly from their oil sands to Washington. He has forgotten about how the US will take what action it wants against whomever it wants, regardless of International criticism.

    "No concession, bribe or act of appeasement would change or limit their plans for murder. They target nations whose behaviour they believe they can change through violence," he added.
    Again... the general ideology of "We don't like those guys so we're taking them out" is present in the latest aggressions the US has made. It happened in Iraq and is in the works for Iran. If you don't call an invasion and occupation "change through violence" then you deserve Bush as your President.

    Mr. Bush, nearly 2/3 of your own people disapprove of you and your war and yet you continue to mouth such empty statements as "staying the course" and "war on terror" and "never back down". Your lyrics are as bad as your chords on that infamous guitar jamming picture...

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