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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    No Experience? That's Fine For Bush...

    Stardate 4648.3

    So George W. is nominating another fine pick to help enhance his cozy staff. Harriet Miers, another long standing Bush family friend is his latest announcement to a massively important post in the US. She will be replacing Sandra Day O'Connor on the US Supreme Court.

    Problem is, she has no judicial experience.

    According to the president, he doesn't see a lack of experience on the bench as a weakness.

    Of course not. It's just like having a lack of solid intel before invading countries, or perhaps a lack of definition when one is describing Prisoners of War, rights and torture. Maybe it is like having a lack of experience when it comes to puttign folks in charge of FEMA. I think having some form of judicial experience would be a key factor in deciding who is to be on the Supreme Court!

    Even Republicans are jumping ship over this nomination. I shy away from right wing blogs as a rule, but even Michelle Malkin is not happy.

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    I think one sticking point here is that she has donated to the Democratic party in the past, specifically, Al Gore's campaign. So now Bush is nominating someone with no experience and a somewhat cluttered party donation history... It seems to be a win for the Democrats however, and only makes things stranger as far as Bush's judgement goes.

    Maybe he is back on the sauce?

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