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    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Canadian Liberals Evil Regime According to Malkin

    Stardate 4873.2

    I nearly spat my coffee on my monitor when I browsed Crooks and Liars this morning and saw this headline (emphasis mine):

    Evil Regimes Set to Topple?

    Keep a sharp eye on fresh developments in both Canada and Cuba, two countries with rogue, corrupt and repressive regimes that don't know when to cut their losses and leave town.
    I gotta say, coming from right wing blowhards like Michelle Malkin, I can only imagine what people who actually religiously (er no pun intended) read that stuff think. I will wager that many of them DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE CANADA IS!

    Any government in power is going to have some form of corruption or scandal at some level. I agree that the (former) Liberal government had quite a fiasco with the Sponsorship scandal. Now, the current government is paying for it and will likely be forced down blowing away loads of excellent tax cuts and funding plans that will no doubt end up costing tax payers even more if they aren't followed through with.

    Let's look at the High 'n Mighty GOP in the US. Where is your esteemed House leader? Oh yeah, corrupt. He had to step down. Who is getting all of the contracts to rebuild the Iraqi Oilfields? Oh yeah, no-bid Halliburton, Dick's little outfit. Gee, more corruption? I could go on... but there isn't much point is there.

    But a rogue and repressive regime? Give me a friggin break. This coming from the neo-fascist right wing propoganda machine in the US? Talk about repressive regimes... I have a repressive regime for them. Maybe the US should catch up with the "repressive" policies of the modern era, like legalising marijuana, gay marriage and many other social aspects frowned upon by Bible-thumping Bushco...

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