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    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Iraq: Random Reasons, Real Consequence

    Stardate 4878.2

    I found this cartoon on Can't Keep Quiet and I think it is much more fitting than just the recent meaning after Bush's latest speech. Seriously, maybe half 35% of the folks in the US are so gullible that they believe each new bit of drivel Bush spits out, but the rest of the world isn't.

    Let's re-hash some of the reasons as illustrated in the cartoon...
    • WMD stockpiles... chemical and biological weapons programs.
    • Nuke research and the aquisition of materials needed to build bombs.
    • 9-11. Ties with Bin Ladin and training camps for al Qaeda.
    • To give freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people.
    • To honor the US soldiers that have already fallen.
    • As of Veteran's Day, it's back to 9-11 already.

    I have probably missed a few, and I am sure they will come back again, but really, they have all been debunked now, leaving the only logical reason as giving freedom and democracy to the Iraqi peoples. Of course, since that reason came into being after the other reasons were debunked, I really doubt the sincerity of it.

    In the meantime, let's see how the invasion of Iraq has tarnished the image of the US (and Britain as well, since Mr. Blair so blindly put his cards on the table with regard to the faulty intelligence). After all, they may be spewing out the same old excuses every week, even the ones proven illegitimate, but there are prices to pay and the long-term effects of the War on the US international image seem to be invisible to Mr. Bush!

    • No valid reason for the invasion except perhaps Oil, grudges and dubious intelligence. The least they could do is say they screwed up with their intelligence (as if that is all it was anyways). Instead, the Bush administration continues to spout off about links to 9-11 and al Qaeda.
    • There is still no plan to get the troops out. The occupation will last as long as it takes (for what, we still don't really know). This could go on until everyone is dead realistically. The longer they stay, the fiercer the resistance, and the more foreign terror groups set up that were previously not in Iraq at all (or very minimally) before the occupation.
    • Torture and the inhumane abuse of prisoners is one thing and has been documented to a great extent by the media and blogging community. Suddenly, hidden gulags begin popping up, and the Bush administration wants the option of torture left open for the CIA. How many countries have been lectured, sanctioned (or invaded) by the US for human rights violations? Was some of the faulty intel regarding Hussein's plans to aquire Uranium derived through torturous means? That in itself should show that many times over, torture will cause a prisoner detainee to say exactly what the interrogator wants to hear...
    • The US itself is a divided country at best. When a president has only 35% support and is considered unethical and not trustworthy by the people he is governing, there are going to be more and more problems on the home front. This is evidenced by the massive anti-war movement, and the fact that even Republicans vote against some of Bush's policies. Recently, even despite the help of the President in some Republican campaigns, Democrats have won Governorships in several States.
    • The use of "questionable" weapons against civilian populations by US forces and the denial, then admittance and again denial by the military show an ability to lie and cover up that has become a rampant disease with the Administration. Especially considering one or several reasons for the original invasion was the "fact" that Hussein was stockpiling loads of biological and chemical weapons, and using them against his own civilian population.

    It really makes me wonder what the world would think if the US had a *real* honest and valid reason for their next invasion... I doubt they would get much support. They have burned bridges right, left and center, calling people who do not support the war "traitors", "terrorists" and "unpatriotic". Other nations are ridiculed and distanced for not getting involved in the invasion. Frankly, I can't see the citizenry of the US allowing another war... unless they are made to believe one is necessary. You can be damn sure there will be rock solid evidence, and possibly the go ahead from a few more nations this time around...

    Stay tuned next week for the continuing saga of...


    Of course... it may be a random re-run.

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