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    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Dungeon Lords

    Stardate 5138.6

    I haven't written about games in some time now. My buddy turned me on to a newer game on the weekend called Dungeon Lords. It would seem to be one of those 3rd person RPG style games, though you have complete control over the view. Combat is non-stop and character development seems pretty slick actually. Not only do you gain experience to advance levels, but also skill points that you can use to increase any number of skills, or even your primary stats.

    I took a fighter to start, and after several hours of play, he is up to level 4 now. Most of his skills are along the lines of armor and weapons, but I have branched off with the inevitable lockpicking and trap disarming skills. I believe you can even take magic skills if you are willing to pay the points :)

    However, I am noticing that the longer you linger in areas, the more random encounters you get, even when the setting is turned down for encounter frequency. The monsters also seem to get proportionally tougher with your level, which is good, but with the number of encounters, it is difficult to stay alive! I guess you have to keep moving, or perhaps find some boss style monster to kill that would actually clear an area.

    The graphics and engine in this game are pretty slick, and so far, I am really enjoying it! It is actually quite fun, and once I learn a few spells and attack combos, it will be even better! Did I mention it has complete multi-player capability? I'll have to explore that another time however...

    For tips, maps and walkthroughs... go here.

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