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    Monday, March 20, 2006

    Harper Sells Canadian Values for American Favor

    Stardate 5489.0

    This is an important post on the state of Canadian policy in the Middle East, made by one of my regular commentors and friends, Stokedsurfer.

    The new Canadian view (read Conservatives and Harpers view) on the Middle East is no longer a mystery – and it is frighteningly close to the Americans view. My suspicions were first aroused when, all of a sudden, we had taken over the show in Afghanistan and are now actively joining the Americans in their war on terror. Now more evidence has come to my attention. Canada and the US were the only two countries out of 44 to vote against a UN resolution to let Palestinian refugee women and children back to their homes.

    Why would Harper do such a thing? They say it is because they don’t want to take sides on the issue. Well, guess what, we have now done just that. Last year, under the Liberal government, we abstained from the vote. Basically saying the resolution is a good idea, but we want to see more balance in it (ie. what about the Israeli refugees?).

    So Harper says, too bad women and children, he chooses Bush’s approval over human rights and traditional Canadian values.

    And don’t think there won’t be any consequences on this decision. Remember the Canadian, Adam Budzanowski, that was recently taken hostage by the Palestinians?

    Adam told them he was Canadian but was held because they thought he was an American. It was not until his Canadian passport was found that he was released.

    If we turn our backs on our values for hollow relations with the US we risk our international respect, and our national pride.

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