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    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Mideast Peace? I doubt it's that easy...

    Stardate 6083.60

    Israel has suggested a ceasefire if Hezbollah removes it's soldiers from the Lebanese border, and the two kidnapped Israelis are returned. Sounds good really, but then that's only if you believe that the continued intensive bombing of civilians is really about those men. In my opinion, they are deperately trying to convince everyone that Iran is behind it all (and likely, they are) in order to strike Iranian nuclear sites. Israel is giving up nothing in the deal, except that they will stop bombing. Hezbollah will not accept this.

    Considering how H-Dawg says that Israel is using a measured response to the kidnappings (again the elusive reason for the bombardment and violence), and Bush maintains Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorists as well as sellign Israel $210 million worth of Aviation fuel, it is hard to see Israel stopping short of whatever their actual long-term goal is. The jet fuel deal is really interesting, as the Pentagon has stated that "The jet fuel will be consumed while the aircraft is in use to keep peace and security in the region"...

    Peace and security? Measured responses? Civilians are getting killed at an alarming rate now. Even a Canadian family has been left in tatters after some of the latest Israeli bombardments. The family in montreal is pleading with Harper to do something, but we already know his stance...

    I can only hope that all sides involved will come to terms and declare a ceasefire, but then I do not believe this is about a couple of kidnapped soldiers either...

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