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    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Anti-Israeli Grits? Someone stuff a sock in H-Dawg's gaping mouth

    Stardate Unknown

    I wish H-Dawg would shut the hell up. Israel is just as guilty of war crimes for bombing civilians as Hezbollah is for launching rockets at civilians. It isn't anti-Israeli or anti-semetic to suggest this. So Iggy, and the other Liberal leadership candidates disagree with Harper's assessment of Israel's "measured response"... so be it.
    "This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken with virtually all of the candidates of the Liberal leadership, and I don't think it's helpful or useful."
    Whatever buddy. Sauce for the goose as they say. As usual, politics and posturing and being "politically correct" get in the way of the true matters at hand. That is that well over a thousand Lebanese and Israeli civilians, many of which are children are dead. A quarter of a million Lebanese are still displaced from their homes. Not only that, but there are a schwack of unexploded cluster bombs still littered about southern Lebanon (these weapons have been condemned by Human Rights Watch as inaccurate and should not be used so near to civilians as Israel used them).

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