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    Sunday, April 24, 2005

    Hang Overs...

    Stardate 3838.4

    Alright, to set the record straight, I am not too bad today. A bit of a headache, but after some eggs, bacon and coffee, I can sit and listen to Yngwie Malmsteen... while typing this.

    The thing is, why don't folks ever learn? When I was younger, it was par for the course. I mean, you would go out, get thoroughly polluted with whatever drinks and substances were around, and wake up the next day to a GIANT glass of water and a fistfull of Tylenol... Happened all the time. You never learned because you were young and foolish, and all your buddies were doing it too.

    Then you get a little older. It's much harder on your system for a start... I remember last year in the fall, we went on a vacation, and I had met some of my wife's friends for the first time, and after the consumption of many beers, and stuff, a night of maybe 6 hours sleep, we had to drive again the next day to continue our holiday. I was soooo sick. I remember standing in the ditch on Highway 3 having an involuntary protein spill while traffic was screaming by at 100 km/h :D It was a little embarrassing but not really. My main grief was the neutron radiation surge in my brain and the churning maelstrom that was my stomach...

    So why do people keep doing it? I don't think it is a case of folks all being alcoholics as I have lived with and seen many alcoholics... but is it just a phase? Maybe it is just too hard for a lot of folks to stop after a couple... like me :D I dunno, I think beer tastes like ass, so why?


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