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    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    Kick Butt Villains Volume V

    Stardate 3833.7

    "... He tasks me and I shall have him! I'll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares maelstrom and round perdition's flames before I give him up!"

    One of the greatest rivalries in any media was provided by a villainous character none other than Khan Noonian Singh... who hated Kirk to the point of single-minded obsession for revenge.

    Khan from "Space Seed"

    One of history's most notorious dictators, Khan Noonien Singh was a genetically-bred human "superman" of Earth's India in the late 20th century who died in the 23rd century amid another "experiment" gone wrong. Rising to power among others of his kind, his ambition helped foment the Eugenics Wars that involved much of Earth's Third World. Finally facing defeat, he and dozens of followers escaped in the S.S. Botany Bay, a DY-100 vessel modified as a sleeper ship which drifted in intersteller space for over two centuries, until it was discovered in 2267 by the U.S.S. Enterprise. With his fellow survivors, Khan attempted to seize that starship but failed, and he and his people were sentenced by Captain Kirk to tame the wild M-Class world of Ceti Alpha V. Among those exiled was Lt. Marla McGivers, an Enterprise historian who fell in love with Khan and initially assisted him; ultimately, though, she refused to betray Kirk and her shipmates in the tyrant's abortive takeover.

    Khan 20 Years Later...

    On Ceti Alpha V, the band of refugees thought their dream of conquering an entire planet would come true, but six months after being left there, the star system's sixth planet exploded, and the shock wave wreaked havoc on planet V's ecosystem, making it a desert wasteland. In 2285, the embittered Khan commandeered the U.S.S. Reliant and hijacked the top-secret Genesis Device in a plan to exact vengeance against James T. Kirk. Khan failed to defeat his old foe, and died when he detonated the cataclysmic matter-reorganizing terraforming device, annihilating the Reliant.

    Khan was so devoted to exacting his revenge upon Kirk that he lost everything trying, and his final words were "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

    Too witness Kirk's reaction to Khan's villainous plots and underhanded schemes, check out the infamous KHAAAN site :) Always leaves me chuckling!

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