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    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Another Step Towards Fascism...

    Stardate 3918.0

    Sweet bejeebus.... What IS with the US Admin. They have had a Bill in the past geared towards a National ID card that was shot down in Congress because it is an absolute invasion of privacy. Now, they are approving a Bill to further fund the war in Iraq (yay), and hidden away in the depths of this Bill is the very same National ID issue. They have to pass the Iraq Funding Bill it would seem, so now they are going to have to pass the added on bit about the ID cards. No debate. No discussion. No nothing.

    I am no wizard with much of the discussion about US policy and how Bills are passed, but a much more in depth dissection of this can be found on Wil Wheaton's Blog...

    To me, this is looking like a "Papers please... No? Up against the wall..." kind of situation developing.

    Fascism. Watch your rights slowly dwindle away. Enjoy it people... and be happy if you live in Canada with our petty little issues we have.

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