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    Monday, May 23, 2005

    Spammers are Losers and Tick Me Off.

    Stardate 3983.6

    There has never been such a scourge of oxygen thieving low-life scum as there is now with the sudden increase of spamming. As if e-mail wasn't bad enough, but now companies sign you up to newsletters without you, yourself signing up. Recently, I have been bombarded with mail from miniature companies in France (I told them to piss off since I didn't sign up and it is no way to start a new business anyhow), Christian Aid??? Like cripes. I told them once to remove me, and I continued to receive mail. Losers.

    Then there are guestbooks. My main website has a small guestbook but it is a freebie variety and I am sure they are easy targets for spammers. I get Viagra ads all the time.

    Then there are MSN Spaces. Today, I have the pleasure of INDIVIDUALLY DELETING about 100 Trackbacks that are spammer links to friggin on-line Meds. I know you need to sign in with a passport to leave a comment but is there NO way to stop this sort of ridiculous BS? Can't Microsoft say, create a mindbogglingly useful tool that allows you to delete more than ONE ENTRY at a time?

    Pissed Off. I was going to work on my Star Wars write-up, and instead I am writing this in ANGER and wishing piles of disease infested filth on the spammers to blame. I get to spend an hour deleting trackbacks! WOOT!

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