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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Looter Mayhem In New Orleans

    Stardate 4484.2

    It's well documented all over the news about the Hurricane, the death and the destruction. In times like this, mankind has a tendency to overcome their differences and help out where they can and how they can. It is a terrible tragedy that we all hope never hits home, but the fact of the matter is, it does. Thee are now feared to be hundreds of lives lost, and thousands of people with no homes because of the hurricane. No food, clothes or shelter.

    Some individuals seem to think that disasters like this are prime time for crime. It's suddenly open season on looting. Now I am not one for capital punishment and this is a good reason why. Some of the people in the disaster areas have to loot to stay alive. They need food, water, maybe clothing. Some other people are stealing beer, chips and jewelry and one of these types reportedly just shot a cop in the process. I would be inclined to suggest that they could be shot but then the problem arises where a person must have food and dry clothing and they get shot while the booze thief gets away....

    I can't believe that some humans lower themselves to the level of looting booze and jewelry at a time when others could seriously use their help. Thankfully, they will pay in the long run.

    May the looting thieves who capitalize on disaster and human misfortune lie rotting from a hideous, suffering death... It's more than they deserve.

    For the rest of us, here are a couple of places to donate:

    The Salvation Army

    Red Cross

    There are other charities as well, just Google around.

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