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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    I'm A Canadian So Why Should I Care?

    Stardate 4477.9

    I am Canadian. I am very proud to be Canadian in fact. I take a keen interest in the things happening in the world around me and I like to think I am open enough to understand that there is much more to the planet than just my own country. Of special interest is the history unfolding in the US right now. I think what is happening there affects a lot of people on our planet, and since I am right next door, I believe it is important to be one of the voices in the dark. After all, if nobody in Poland said anythig about Germany in the late 30's... well, okay. It was too late there, and nobody believed them anyhow...

    Some folks don't agree however. I have had several comments from people indicating this...

    "Hmm - now what can a liberal Canadian possibly know about right and wrong? About good and evil? About honor and country?
    Go back to paying your ultra high taxes for all your social programs and thank the USA for being your babysitters!"
    This is a very recent comment from someone in Oregon, on a blog I wrote about why finding Osama Bin Ladin was Bush's Main Objective in 2001 and why he doesn't care anymore... Now the thing I find very interesting is that this person assumes that liberals and Canadians, or even more specifically, Liberal Canadians, know nothing about right and wrong! Or good and evil! Or honor and country! So only conservatives and non-Canadians actually know these things? We were on the beaches at Juno. We have helped in many conflicts. Forever however, we have been the "strategic pawn" of the US, what with our sprawling borders, open to the Soviets and China... Why bother following your country into an unjustified invasion? We made the RIGHT choice. And you talk of Honor. Bah. That's as silly as saying Republican Christians are going to heaven and Democrat Christians are going to burn... Oh wait.

    The second part is almost numbing in its stupidity. The paultry sum of money I pay every month for Health Care pales by comparison to the fortune spent in the US on private Medicare and, OUCH, if you don't have any and break a leg! Oh, and if I can't pay it? Don't worry, the cost is covered. Education is one of our top priorities (that's edication y'all). We actually do believe that all kids should have schooling, and with government subsidized student loans, secondary education isn't too far behind. Perhaps our Welfare program needs some overhaul, but it is only some that abuse the system. It isn't the system itself that is bad... and as for babysitters... well that is simply infantile. I am scared about what is going to happen to OUR country because of the Administrations choices and direction in the US.

    So in the end, this person thinks that wanton invasion of muslim countries to exploit their natural resources and "capitalize" the peoples is good, right, and honorable? Wow. This is shocking coming from a hard-line right winger. And when I asked for his viewpoint, or a response to what my blog was about, I got nothing in return.

    "The fact that your canadian means you have no say about American politics lets all thank God for that."
    This kind Texan wrote this on a blog I did with some funny Bush quotes and a serious Douglas Adams quote. Admittedly, our last Prime Minister was not a linguist either, but it was because of a stroke, not genetics. It took me ages to understand why he kept raving on about "Elk Care"... However, this statement shows that this person wants no-one "butting in" on his own country's affairs. Of course, that is EXACTLY what the US is doing all over the planet, in the Middle East specifically, but of course, since their is no OIL in Africa where intervention is really needed, the motives are poor. My menial intervention is only here to point these things out. Again, I am concerned because of what can happen to OUR country. It already has with ludicrous treatment of the ONE MAD COW and the ensuing damage to Alberta's Beef Industry, but the Softwood lumber fiasco and NAFTA have been going on for eternity now. Talk about HONOR again... How about honoring that agreement? Of course I take an interest in US politics. Do I have "no say"? Well I am saying a hell of a lot right now aren't I?

    "Since when did the US need a reason to go fuck up the middle east. I thought thats what your friend michael moore is always bitching about."
    This amazingly intelligent comment was from the same Texan on a blog I wrote about Iran's lack of Nukes, and how the US will justify invading them... The first part is of course, classic. To me, it personifies someone who really does have no clue. Most of the woes and bitterness towards the US from many parts of the world is because of unwanted intervention in far off lands. The whole Iraq paradox is simple. If they hadn't invaded the country to begin with, the soldiers would not be getting killed by the resistance terrorists now. Of course, now, the US forces will stay in the country, to complete the job and honor the dead soldiers there... There's that word again. How about honoring them by pulling out and saving lives!!!

    The second is simply assumption with no thought. On my blog, there is NO mention of Michael Moore save his comment. Maybe this Texan read my Bio and saw that one of my favorite authors was in fact, Michael Moorcock. Well "hello" this is a different person... I have never seen his movie (though I would like to, I think) and I have browsed his website once very briefly. Once. But he is my friend. Why? Because I am a loonie lefty? Or because I was blogging about opposing an illegal war? Wait a minute... maybe protesting against the government's policies make a person a leftie, or a liberal or some other silly label simply because a righty or a blue elephant (there's some awesome symbology for you) or some other silly label has the power? What do you think happened to people in Germany who spoke out against the Nazis? THIS ISN'T NAZI GERMANY. Yet.

    It seems to me that many right wingers do not want to face the facts. Every time I propose a debate or pose a question, the answer is either unrelated, a verbal assault, or some feeble attempt to knock down my character to better themselves. I am not saying this is always the case, but it is the norm. I have seen this in comments on many other blogs... I have seen hatred towards fellow Americans from Americans that should be punishable as Hate Crime (look up Ann Coulter's book "How to talk to a liberal, if you must" which to me, is inciting disdain and prejudice. I mean, really, why not at least *try* to answer a question straight? Why beat around the bush? Bring up something utterly unrelated? Instead of yapping on about something I already know is wrong (like tieing 9-11 to Iraq) how about proposing a real answer? Why call a person names or belittle their thoughts?

    Because you either don't have any cards in your hand, or you are simply a blind sheep... fed through a FOX propoganda feeding tube with no self-thinking mechanism... So if you can't answer the question, or take part in a thoughtful debate, shut the hell up. I don't need a person repeating the lies and stupidity of their Chimp-like President to me.

    The fact that I am Canadian means I can view what is happening in the world from outside the little US menagerie. I can make my own judgements and decide what I think is right. I just wish more people opened their minds... or wore tinfoil hats... or stopped thinking about themselves, and began worrying more about MANKIND.

    I will always fight for Peace. That doesn't make me a traitor, a terrorist or a loonie lefty. There is no room on MY planet for warmongers... no matter their color, creed or religion.

    All opinions shared on this site are strictly my own. Some people may disagree and that is fine, but rude comments or overzealous debate will be curtailed. I enjoy civil discourse, and encourage independent thought. I oppose George W. Bush and his Wars based on lies.

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