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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Using the Media - Bad Form For Protesters?

    Stardate 4483.6

    Recently, I have seen a lot of nasty posts about how Cindy Sheehan has been "selling out" to the media because of the press pictures, and the press conferences and interviews. This photo is one of the ones that the Right is up in arms about, calling her a phony and everything else... because the press release shot is cropped to show her and the other person only.

    Well gee, the media is the biggest loudspeaker out there in the US for the Bush regime. Turn on FOX and you will see. So why is it okay for the Right to use the media, and not a peace-loving mother? Not only that, but the photos and the articles are supposed to be about Cindy and her mission, NOT the cameras, booms and the rest of that crap. So obviously they are cropped up. I will not forget the pic of the Iraqis joyfully tearing down the statue of Hussein... in fact, there was only a handful of closely guarded and surrounded Iraqis doing this. Outside of the photo, there was a beautiful ring of soldiers protecting the propoganda shoot. I can only imagien what would happen with all the wedding pictures, grad pictures and studio portraits if suddenly they left the background and the studio in the picture... WOW! Cry foul! All of hese situations are staged for some form of media.

    Last I heard, when you have a cause or a movement, or want to make a statement to the public, you *want* to get the press involved. So if you don't think she has the right to do the same as everyone else, think about it before bitching and calling names.

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