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    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    Unbiased News vs Political Agenda Reporting

    Stardate 4413.6

    For years I have watched either Canada AM on CTV or the CTV Newsnet channel before going to work. I have always enjoyed watching these shows, and I find that the reporters and more specifically, the hosts, lay international news out in such a fashion as to make you feel as though you are getting two things specifically:
    • The correct and unbiased story...
    • A sense that the host actually cares about what they are reporting...

    When Valeri Pringle, Marci Ien, Ravi Baichwal, Dan Matheson or Seamus O'Regan are interviewing someone in a disaster area, or a location in conflict, they instill real emotion and concern, not just for the person they are talking to, but for everyone there. There is no smearing, no name-calling or assumptions, and most noticeably, they do not put words in the mouth of the person they are interviewing.When they are reporting on current events, or news from around the globe, they do so to lay the facts on the table. There are no political backings or motivations involved... It is news from a Canadian "outside" standpoint.

    Lately, due to having no television at home now, I have been watching a lot of stuff on the internet, specifically FOX and CNN. These guys (I will name nobody because any self-thinking person can figure it out for themselves) are almost blatant in their mode of propaganda delivery. Either they belittle or smear the person they are interviewing or talking about, or they talk over them, in order to make the person panic and say what they do not want to say. The motives behind their reporting, simply put, do neither of the two things that CTV news does. Just the opposite. They have an agenda to adhere to, and the honest and unbiased reporting of news and events is plain. In fact, watching some of these people in action literally makes me sick to my stomach. I often wonder if they cloned Goebbels to direct their programming... These same jerks would rather reduce their "reporting" to name calling and finger pointing, and drudge digging like you would expect from a two bit television talk show. It is pathetic and sad that so many people watch this crap every day, and eat it up like Fenway park hot dogs...

    The point of true journalism is to report facts with commentary. When the commentary takes precedence over the facts, then there is something inherently wrong. When political agenda distorts the facts or the presentation of the facts, then there is something terribly wrong. Suddenly, there is no accountability.

    If you want to watch *real* news with feeling and honesty, please, for the sake of all humanity, watch CTV news.

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