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    Friday, December 16, 2005

    Zaphod's Heads Are One Year Old!

    Stardate 5018.2

    One year ago today, I wrote this on the original Zaphod's Heads MSN Space:

    Obviously, not knowing really what I was going to write about, I basically introduced myself is some sort of cyber-geeky way to the world... or whomever may read it. It was kind of fun, and much more personal in a strange sort of way than now and way back then, I had met a few cool people who had cool Spaces. I will probably miss a few, but at first the list was very diverse:

    Azureus, Tak, Deadites, Peabody, Smacks, Shawn's Spot, Bryanmart, Ethyl Alcohol and soon, the list of Spaces grew very quickly, adding The Anthill, The Shine, As Above So Below, Canadian Hawk, KRP, VCW, The Consigliere, Thou Shall Not Suck, Tet's Pyramid, Hoosier Daddy, Hitchhiker's Guide to My Mind, Cowtown Heaven, Jeff Briant, Timewarp 1980's, Torres Talking, Fight the Power, My Alternate Reality, Paul E. Stansberry III, Aviation Stop, Darylh13, Only Me, Auxiliary Umbilicus and Acoustic Dad. It's kind of sad, because many of these folks deserve a good read, but now I ahve little time it seems and some don't even blog anymore. Others have gone on to explore fascinating passions, such as Peabody's brainchild... Breakfast Blogger! If you aren't hungry this morning, go check it out and you will be hungry soon enough!

    At this point, I decided I had had enough with spam trackbacks and comments, and the inability to easily find and edit posts and switched over to Blogger. By now, my interests had began to leave the personal daily routine, and thanks to WWDN, I became interested in US politics and actually wrote e-mails to many of the US Senators regarding the appointment of Alberto "torturemeister" Gonzales as US Attorney General. My blogroll began to change (check out the lengthy lis ton the sidebar) as did the focus of my writing. Some of my favorite entries from the past range in style and content greatly...

    • Carling - Recently re-posted. These are a made up set of rules and a scoring system for icy driving :)
    • Why Kirk Rules - 100 reasons why Kirk is better than Picard... complete with pics that really say it all!
    • The Career of a Redshirt - How many times did the un-named security guard buy it in Classic Trek episodes?
    • Terror and War: A Maelstrom of Passion - A personal recounting of that terrible morning on September 11th, and some thoughts on the events to follow.
    • The Tears of Africa - A tribute to good people who gave their lives to help others, only to be destroyed by greed and evil.
    • James Doohan Boldly Goes - A tribute to the best Starfleet Engineer and a great Canadian Hero. The pipes play for both Scottys...
    • When FEAR rules a Nation - A nation taught to live in fear... and the repurcussions of the "War on Terror" from a different angle.
    • The Decline of Western Civilization - A dark vision of the dismal future of a society absolutely dependent on oil.
    • When Fear Becomes Racism - When human rights are destroyed by government policies based on fear...

    When the shuttle launched again, I blogged extensively about it, even earning myself a plug on AOL's news page for a few days. I helped raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims and now, one year after all this started, I have begun my first coverage of a Canadian Election on the CBC Election Roundtable.

    Admittedly, I am still a newbie when it comes to blogging, and definately a newcomer to the intricacies of Canadian politics (kind of strange considering how much I enjoy American politics) so this is a massive opportunity for me to learn a lot, and hopefully give some fresh insights into the election and campaigns.

    All opinions shared on this site are strictly my own. Some people may disagree and that is fine, but rude comments or overzealous debate will be curtailed. I enjoy civil discourse, and encourage independent thought. I oppose George W. Bush and his Wars based on lies.

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